new exclusive scent line

gold collection

This fragrance has entered into the hearts of our fans from the first day.

Hypnotic and fascinating, Art Gold has a special place in the collection of Ramon Molvizar fragrances.

Rich and dense aroma, inspired by grandeur and splendour of Topkapi Palace, caresses feelings like soft waves of Bosphorus, transphormed by the evening sun into liquid gold. In this misterious and sensual fragrance sophisticated apricot note intertwines with species, velevety soft suede accord and ultimately feminine and elegant rose. Noble agarwood note is combined with seductive chocolate accord, vanilla and musc in the drydown. As Topcapi chambers are decorated with gold ornaments, Art&Gold is decorated with gold falkes, glittering inside the bottle.

The fragrance was projected by Ronzak team for house of Ramon Molvizar and created by french perfumer Guillaume Flavigny

Our brand Ramon Molvizar has been one of the first who began to pay such close attention to packaging. Now some brands do the same. But in the end, the most important thing - is scent itself. In the company Ramon Molvizar we never economize on raw materials. Great fragrance should be placed in a great package!