creative collection 2010

Alchemical direction indicated in spirituality and nature in a completely distinctive flavor elements onto 4. 4 elements fire, earth, water, air.

The fragrance, established under the laws of ancient alchemy. It combines the sensitivity and energy of the four elements and the magical properties of the Platonic bodies.

(Platonic bodies - five regular polyhedrons: tetrahedron (tetrahedron), the cube, the octahedron (octahedron), a regular dodecahedron (a dodecahedron) and the icosahedron (icosahedron).

Named according to Plato, who in the dialogue "Timaeus" in accordance with the form distributed them among the major components of the world, defining the cube - earth, octahedron - air pyramid - fire icosahedron - water, while the creator of the world has given the world a form pentagonal dodecahedron