The brand's philosophy

The brand's philosophy is the story of one love. Two people, who having met once, were able to make their dreams come true embodying them in the first fifteen fragrances. This is a conversation between two minds who love to express their thoughts through scent and music. They are a truly designers of their dreams! Having a wonderful olfactory taste, they bring to this world scents that in their opinion, can win a hearts. And in this they are helped by a wonderful team of Spanish perfumers, music and, of course, the love.

Royal Molvizar fragrances invites you to the world of a beautiful emotions and truly royal greatness.

The design of the bottles follows the characteristic and shape of quartz and the noble crystals given to us by the nature.

2Collection contains 15 olfactory ideas.

In our collection you will find Senior Patchouli, who this time played a warm and friendly role in a duet with vanilla, the scent of the Garden of Eden with the scent of the rarest flowers. You will also plunge into the atmosphere of rare quality amber aromas or sonorous and pure notes of bergamot. In general, the Royal Molvizar collection of fragrances conveys an atmosphere of luxury and wealth, a sense of happiness and the authenticity of fragrances. As a result of lots of months of compiling and processing formulas, this beautiful collection deserves the attention of the most sophisticated noses and those who are looking for much more than what today's market can to offer