Gold Collection

Feelings by Ramon Molvizar.

Delightful fragrance that tells about feelings. Feelings - not as a drama or passion. But bright feelings of the father to the daughter, mother to the son, good feelings for people, for each other. The aroma that envelops us with very positive vibrations and gives a feelings of goodness and happiness. Thanks to the best ingredients, this fragrance opens up in several phases and each note in the fragrance opens up a new world of flowers, freshness and elegant sweetness.The packaging is no less admiring: a bottle carved in the shape of real quartz, with a faint tinge of red, contains the gold flakes of 24 carats pure gold. This luxury bottle flaunts on a wooden pedestal. This piece of art evokes feelings that adorn your life and people around you!

Heart notes

Jasmin Upper Egypt absolute, tuberose absolute from India, osmanthus absolute from China, lily of the valley.

Middle notes

Rose - Peony - Honey - Loukhoum - Jasmines sambac - Cumin

Bottom notes

Roasted Tonka bean from Venezuela, amber, black ebony wood, sandalwood, v├ętiver of Haiti, vanille of Madagascar, benjoin organic from Laos, opoponax.

Eau de parfum
75 ml. Unisex